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The First Half of 2015 Was The Hottest Ever – Really?

Time magazine reports that the average temperature around the globe was 1.58°F (88°C) higher than the 20th century average during the first six months of 2015, making it the hottest start to the year in the era of modern record keeping.

Of course some people will refute this, I mean its pretty cold right now right?

However the announcement is from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Have a look at the graph below – the peaks are on the right in 2015.

global surface temperature
Courtesy of NOAA

For those of us in the UK – this sentence sums it up: In the month of June, the entire world was warmer than average with the exception of the area in the Atlantic Ocean between Greenland and the United Kingdom.

Scientists noted record warmth in Pacific areas along the ocean, in addition to other areas.

NOAA also notes that climate phenomenon El Niño, which began earlier this year, is expected to last into spring 2016. El Niño typically brings an onslaught of rain and raises global temperatures.

So there you have it, some places are much hotter than others, but on the whole, everything is heating up nicely.

G&T anyone?

Well, it’s changing that’s for sure…

Whilst this pic isn’t entirely accurate or comprehensive, the fact that it is doing the rounds demonstrates that businesses need to realise that times are changing.

10 years ago when you bought an item you’d hardly consider talking to the producer online. Now, you can interact with them via every social media site you can think of. Furthermore, previously you needed to be a tech-geek to register on a website and request a new feature in a controlled group. Now, you can tweet the manufacturer with your request and if they are smart, listening, and tuned in, they’ll reply and enter it into their backlog for you!

Consumer first…

old vs new

old vs new

Go beyond the 1:1, think of the process…

A very good friend and mentor pointed me to a new name, enter Alicia Juarrero and count out the hour or so I spent engrossed in various of her talks online.

Here’s one that is useful to listen to if you are trying to outline a creativity/delivery process in your organisation. Embrace the uncertainty, but don’t forget the intent and the process. These sort of tangential topics that don’t mention agile, waterfall, togaf, or anything framework oriented like that – are hard to follow at first but are crucial to the art of invention and adaption.


Safe-Fail, NOT Fail-Safe – Alicia Juarrero from William Evans on Vimeo.