The trouble with Andriod…

…much like a hitchcock thriller, the case evolves…

A lot is said about the game changing nature of Android, but much doesn’t really make much sense when you start to examine how Android releases are built, released, maintained, and ultimately retired by Google. Some things to note: the tablet market is pretty much owned by iOS, and the Kindle is a touch removed from the Android tree; Gingerbread is the most popular Android release even though the latest versions are supposedly more feature rich and robust; Android is not really free – or at least may not be.

The most interesting debate is currently the Oracle vs Google case, Oracle posted its opening slideshow – here’s a link. Some key slides from it are below – have a look, make of them what you will.

What google copied, apparently quite a bit!

Oh that’s just lawyer talk…isn’t it?

Well, it certainly looks familiar, but hey, in the world where everything is either a zero or a one, some similarity or coincidence is allowed…right?

And of course, its all reusable and shareable, isn’t it?

So its copied, but you can’t share. So its copied to be closed off. Hrumph.

I’ll be interested in seeing what the retort is, but at the moment, none of this is convincing me that if you are an app developer you shouldn’t follow a strategy that is: iOS first, then Android if you must, then if you can be bothered, Windows.