Upgrade Snafu

A word of caution for those of you running Ubuntu 9.04 on unusual hardware, contemplating an upgrade to 9.10 – be ultra careful!

A rather unfortunate click of the mouse started my multi-core server upgrading to 9.10. Rather than interrupt, the gods of fate were given a chance. They completely manked it up – 9.10 fails to recognise a multi port KVM, running wireless keyboard and trackball, with an NVIDIA graphics card. In fact, the entire process fails at the point it recognises the KVM. No manner of kernel hacking or conf file editing helped resolve the issue. The drivers are simply not there by default.

So a slow download of Jaunty again, and its back to re-install – alas the existing files were beyond salvage.

Morale: be wary of the Ubuntu 9.10 upgrade

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  • Anders on Dec 10, 2009
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    Hope you contributed copious amounts of information to Launchpad before reinstalling…?

    The apport / “ubuntu-bug” scripts are actually pretty good at harvesting hardware/configuration information and packaging it up for a simple bug submission. Recommended…