That Moment…

That moment when you know things are about to go pear shaped. What do you do? Continue on regardless, or change things up?
Had occasion to re-watch the infamous Brasil 1 vs Germany 7 match. Lots was written about what it could teach folk, but nothing I saw focused on that ‘moment’. That is the moment when the goal went in. What was the strategy then? Continue the same team formation, same ethos, or switch it up? Germany continued, with the midfield gaining confidence to roam ever forward. Brasil continued, with a weak midfield and a weaker defence, and an effortless attack.
It got me thinking, the lesson isn’t really about the revamp of the German football system roots to branch. It is also about the lack of feedback and action upon it by the Brazilians. We’ve all seen projects like this. Things are just about to go pear shaped, many think ‘hey what got us here will get us there’ and they plough on under the guise of determination, focus, re-teaming etc.
What was missed was the moment; The moment when the tide turned and the project became red. It was then that something different is needed. Not more of the same, but something different.
Folk call the experts of recovery, ‘turnaround gurus’. In fact, all they are, are manifestations of the moment. They come in and rethink and rework. 3G, Harvey, Portas, they are all experts in spotting and working that moment.
What is the solution? That is the key, but if that same solution is executed too late, the chances of success are gone. That moment is brief, sometimes very brief, but the real skill is spotting it and recognising the call for action.